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So, before TexStar I’d been dealing with back pain every day for 6 years, ever since I was 18, my entire adult life. I’ve been to 10 or so doctors between 2 different states and no one really knew what was wrong or they would tell me something was wrong but, it didn’t quite sound right to me . . . so, I’d go to a new doctor and try to get a second opinion. TexStar is the first place that has really listened to what I was saying and wanted to find what we think the actual cause is. And so, it's just nice to be listened too. And I'm feeling so much better in just 2 weeks of being here, than 6 years prior seeing multiple doctors so I'm really happy I found TexStar.

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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Henry is a committed doctor of chiropractic who is invested in long-term health for his patients. His practice is one of the few in the area which offers cold laser therapy. It has significantly improved knee pain. What is very impressive is how Dr. Henry understands that "if you rest you rust" and how he so ably helped me with pain issues even while enrolled in a strenuous exercise program. He is honest and thorough and I think he knows a great deal about medicine.”

"Dr. Henry and [his staff] treat us like family. He is a wonderful Dr., and the only chiropractor I've gone to that hasn't hurt me. I really trust Dr. Henry. I have TMJ, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and a pinched nerve in my back. If it weren't for TexStar, I would be in bed most every day in pain. Great place to go to for pain relief.”