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No Surgery.
No Drugs.
No Injections.
Results Within 2 Visits! *

Limited Time Offer

$183 Start-Up Fee: Includes Exam, X-Rays, Report, and 2 Treatments *



What Makes Us Different?


We get our patients results within 2 visits. If we can’t do the same for you, we don’t take you on as a patient.


We have patients who travel to our clinic from all around the USA to seek our care.


We utilize an integrated approach via functional neurology, laser therapy, knee traction, and muscle reactivation to restore function and eliminate pain in your knees.

Success Stories of Patients Using this Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Arthritis Treatment


At The Austin Knee Clinic in Austin, Texas our proven therapies get 90% of patients improvement after the first treatment. We will know within the first two visits if this treatment will work for you.

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Please register below to schedule your exam and 2 FREE trial treatment sessions for a limited time offer of $183. You owe it to yourself to give The Austin Knee Clinic a try and see the amazing difference just 2 trial treatment sessions can make.*

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PRIVACY POLICY AND DISCLAIMERS: Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information. The information you provide to register for this exam will only be used to contact you to schedule your appointment. Exams and treatment provided by the doctors and staff of The Austin Knee Clinic • 4601 Southwest Pkwy #101 • Austin, TX 78735 • Phone: (512) 566-4112

*Our two visit guarantee refers to our office policy, that if for any reason you do not see noticeable improvement in either your pain, function, or range of motion within the first two demo treatment sessions we will not take you on as a patient or recommend any further care in our office. We estimate our success rate is around 90% within one visit, so it is very rare that we have a patient not see improvement by the end of their 2nd treatment.

*The initial start up fee fee is based on an exam charge of $115 plus one set of x-rays if necessary at $68. If you elect to use health insurance the portion you pay may be lower than advertised. A report of findings is included in this exam charge. If our doctors feel that you do not need x-rays or x-rays of more than one body area are necessary, your cost may be different than that advertised. The two trial treatment sessions are for diagnostic purposes only and are included as part of the exam fee, therefore they will not be billed as a separate service. The trial treatment sessions will consist of one or more treatment options that our doctors think you will respond best to, delivered on two separate days. These prices are subject to change. All state and federal insurance and health care regulations and laws will be followed at all times by our clinic and staff.

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