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Fun at the Chiropractor? Laura Says It’s a TexStar Added Bonus

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 07, 2018

In this video, we hear the testimony of “Laura” who suffered horrible shoulder pain and a pinched nerve in her back. She describes how in just four short months she has returned to a virtual pain-free life. Her last comment is very interesting in that she comments about how her experience at TexStar is “simply a whole lot of fun”. Wow, all of us here are heart warmed by that comment. Here’s Laura’s testimony:

So when I first came to Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic Clinic I was feeling pretty awful. I could barely move my left shoulder and I had a pinched nerve in my lower back from an event and condition that is years old.

So I began treatment about four months ago. Now I am back to doing everything that I was doing before! I am pretty much pain free which I never thought possible. I must mention to you that coming here to TexStar is simply a whole lot of fun.

Adette’s Debilitating 15-Year Shoulder Pain is History!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 30, 2018

In this video, we hear the testimony of “Adette” who suffered debilitating pain for over 15 years. Her treatment by the entire staff of Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic leaves her “feeling alive” for the first time since she can remember.

OK, when I first started coming here I had been in a lot of pain for about 15 years. More recently I had been experiencing more debilitating pain. So I started coming to Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic and in the brief time that I’ve been coming here, it changed everything.

I feel so much better. I actually feel alive when I walk now. I feel good. Plus, since the first day I started coming here it felt and feels like family. From the phone call I made the first time to every single day that I come here I’m treated so great and I can tell that everybody genuinely cares.

Chiro Treatment of Knee Arthritis in Austin Texas

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 23, 2018

This video testimonial by one of our most appreciative patients describes how our patient had long given up on getting relief from his arthritic knee pain. He came to see Dr. Henry for treatment of his low back pain knowing that ailment could be addressed at Austin's TexStar Chiropractic. By chance he shared his frustration and search for arthritic knee pain treatment in south Austin .  Well, just watch the video below to hear a story about how Dr. Henry's knee treatments enabled him to return to the sports he loves: tennis and jogging. It's stories like this describing how TexSta's chiropractic treatment restored quality of live that deliver a true sense of professional reward to our entire staff.

I really didn't come in to address a knee problem. I was here for other things but while I was here Dr. Henry talked about some new treatments that might help the arthritis pain in my knee. To be honest I said sure okay let's try it, but I had almost zero expectation that it was going to work.

I understand the idea it makes sense to me to address the muscles and support a joint but I've been told for so long that arthritis pain was best addressed with prescription pain management or just learning to live with it. I didn't really like any of those options but I had accepted them and so I just didn't think that anything else was going to work.

So imagine my surprise when I started seeing some results. I saw definitely that my mobility has increased on the tennis court. I'm jogging again and so that was the real surprise is that I came in with no expectation that things would change. But they changed pretty dramatically.

A Video Tour Inside Our Austin TX Chiro Clinic

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 16, 2018

Hi. We produced this video to provide our audience with a concise description of our Austin Texas Chiropractic clinic, what we do, and how we operate. The video takes you inside our clinic, shares images of our staff, and briefly describes the types of chiropractic treatment services offered here at our south Austin clinic. We hope you enjoy it. Here's the transcript of the video.

When your neck or back hurts it's natural to just want relief but did you know that your back or neck pain could be a sign of a serious spine condition? Lasting relief requires an accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem and specialized treatment.

At Austin Texas' TexStar Chiropractic we provide conservative non-surgical spine care and we collaborate with medical specialists to give you the benefit of chiropractic and medical care combined. We offer a free consultation so you can meet our staff and discuss your condition with one of our doctors without cost or obligation. Next we will conduct a detailed examination and make sure that your spine problem is properly diagnosed and design a personalized care plan to get you fast relief.

Your plan might include high-level services like the patented MLS laser or spinaldecompression. If collaboration with a medical specialist is appropriate, we can make sure that you're seen promptly and conveniently. We'll explain everything to you in detail and answer all your questions before you start treatments.

Why wait or suffer any longer. You can stop living with pain and limitations pick up the phone and call our office or fill out the form on our website to schedule your free consultation. Take that first step right now!

MD Testimony About Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 09, 2018

Below is a partial transcript of the below video video where multiple health care professionals (including multiple orthopedic surgeon medical doctors) discuss the effective use of MLS laser therapy (a treatment we provide here at Austin's TexStar Chiropractic) in the treatment of neck and back pain. MLS laser therapy is a treatment option available to all patients here at Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic. Multiple orthopedic surgeons in this video discus their decision to prescribe MLS laser therapy as an alternative to traditional surgery.

We hope you enjoy this video and if you wish to consider non-surgical alternatives to treating your back and or neck pain, please contact us today.

It's probably the most transformative modality to come down the medical pathway in the last 50 years. Ninety percent of our patients are achieving almost ninety percent relief of their symptoms which is unheard of. It's going to revolutionize the way patients are taken care. It's changed our practice in the ability to offer these types of treatments. I can help someone that has such debilitating pain in their shoulder near their back and in one or two treatments and they're eighty ninety percent better. What we're seeing in the clinical practice both acute and chronic is just amazing.

I think this is frankly the edge of a tidal wave. I think you're going to see within the next five years a significant shift in medicine towards utilization of this type of therapy for patients across the board. Doctors across various specialties have been amazed by Cold Laser therapy and its ability to accelerate healing and alleviate pain. I did my shoulder and knee and that night I realized that I had no pain in my shoulder or knee after one treatment.

It works by employing wavelengths of light which transfer energy to damaged tissues at the cellular level. This light triggers metabolic reactions in the cell that stimulate healing that stimulate reduced inflammation and stimulate pain reduction. I've used other other systems before and have never gotten the effect that I have with the MLS system. MLS laser therapy is the result of 30 years of research. MLS laser therapy has been well validated through a variety of clinical trials in some of the most world-renowned institutions worldwide. MLS laser therapy has meant relief from often intractable pain without medication without surgery. I'm getting amazing results.

Again, to learn more about MLS Cold Laser treatment here in Austin Texas, contact your Chiropractic care team at Austin's TexStar Chiropractic!

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care (Austin, Texas)

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 02, 2018

Hi, This is Dr. Tran from Texstar Chiropractic in Austin Texas. I'm here to answer a question about why a child might need chiropractic care.

Take a minute to think about the strain a baby can go through during childbirth or the falls that children take throughout their development that can put a strain on their spines. This can cause damage to the nerves that exit the spine because the nervous system controls all the organs of our body. These spinal issues can result in problems such as chronic ear infections, digestive issues, or even disrupt your child from sleeping through the night.

Often times these undetected spinal issues can develop into chronic neck pain or back pain as an adult. The chiropractic care treatment we provide here in Austin is completely safe and a natural alternative for addressing these symptoms at their root cause. So bring your child into our office to get to examined by one of our doctors here at Austin’s Texstar Chiropractic.

Patient Kim's Neck Pain Relief Video Testimonial

Darren Kincaid - Monday, March 26, 2018

Hello, my name is Kim.  I’ve been coming to Dr. Henry at TexStar Chiropractic here in Austin for treatment of neck pain. I was having lots of trouble for several months before I came in. I feel much better now. The whole staff here is wonderful, friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable, and here to help.

Kim is a typical example of our Austin-area chiropractic patients who now enjoy relief from their neck and back pains that they never thought possible. Learn more about the chiropractic services we offer here in Austin Texas. Give us a call to discuss how your spine and neck pain can be a thing of the past before you know it!

Common Conditions Treated Opioid-Free at Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic

Darren Kincaid - Monday, March 19, 2018

Thousands of Austinite’s like you that seek resolution for various body pains wish to accomplish that without the use of opioid medications. The topic of the American opioid epidemic is driving an ever-increasing volume of Americans to seek opioid-alternative solutions for their pain management.  Finding pain relief in most cases is as simple as heading to Dr. Henry, Dr. Tran, and the caring team at Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic.

Chiropractic care is fundamentally designed to assist you and your body to maintain proper structural balance. This allows the body the opportunity to heal naturally and maintain function. Chiropractic care is gaining ground in the medical profession as well. As we’ve covered previously, many physicians are referring their patients to their local chiropractor as a vital element of their overall pain management strategy.

Pain Medication Can Damage the Body

Pain medication can have adverse effects on the body. Until recently, many people did not realize how severe these effects can be. They can be so detrimental to the body that some doctors have even suggested that it is better to go without pain and fever-reducing medicine unless absolutely necessary. It has multiple side effects that can be harmful in the long term. Those side effects include:

  •          Liver damage
  •          Kidney damage
  •          Addictive behavior when used long term

 Reduce Pain from Some Incurable Diseases

Although chiropractors focus most of their attention on the care of the neck and spine, there are other ailments that chiropractic care can help in pain management. Restoring function to the spine is pivotal in reducing pain. This allows your brain to send messages to the body with little interruption. While these medical problems may not be cured, the pain each can cause to the body can find some relief. Many people rely on powerful medicine to help, but research shows that the pain can be alleviated with the help of chiropractic care. Some of those medical issues include:

Pain Relief from Daily Issues

Pain relief is the most popular reasons that people seek out chiropractic care. However, visiting a chiropractor should not be limited to only when pain presents itself. There are a host of other reasons to utilize the healing hands behind chiropractic care. Such care is good for the body and all the systems that help your body to function. Some of the other reasons some people use chiropractic care to help with pain includes:

  •          Headaches (especially migraines)
  •          Asthma
  •          Sleep issues
  •          Colic in infants
  •          Prenatal care for the changing body

Opioid-free pain management starts with your call to Dr. Henry, Dr. Tran, and the caring staff at Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic. A call to TexStar can (and will) positively change your life often times in a single treatment sessionCall us anytime to learn more!

Chiropractors are Austin's Injured Runner’s Best Friend

Darren Kincaid - Monday, March 12, 2018
TexStar Chiropractic - Chiropractic care for runners in pain, Austin, TX

Running and jogging the beautiful hills of Austin is described as pure therapy. That is of course, until the day comes when various runner/jogger pains force you to either decrease your miles or put away your running shoes altogether. The doctors at TexStar Chiropractic specialize in treating Austin's running-related pain.

TexStar’s doctors are trained in soft tissue and muscle work using techniques such as Trigenics, which is a proven technique to both relieving running-related leg and knee pain and equally important, to preventing running-related injury from occurring. Spinal decompression is another proven treatment for certain kinds of running-related pain.

Smart Austin runners seek chiropractic treatment that emphasizes proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. Maintaining proper spine and pelvic alignment can help prevent some of the most common runner related injuries: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, patella (knee) tracking problems and hip bursitis. What causes improper alignment? The major causes of improper alignment include running in the same direction on the same course every day, running on slanted surfaces (that’s most of Austin’s greenbelt folks), and running in old worn-out shoes.

What healthy spine and hip protection measures can you take? First, vary your running surface—pavement, track, asphalt, grass, and dirt. This naturally will drive you to run on different courses and thus promote better muscle balance. Consider buying two of the same type of running shoes, and switch between the pairs. Think of it as “rotating your tires” daily. You’ll get more miles out of both the shoes and your spine and hips will thank you.

Austin Chiropractor Dr. Michael Henry and/or Dr. Bao Tran will gladly consult you regarding your running-related pain and discuss how you might resolve your pain without resorting to painful surgery or drugs. Call or contact us anytime!

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 05, 2018
TexStar Chiropractic - Chiropractic care for runners in pain, Austin, TX

Spring weather is finally rolling back into central Texas even if it is only for about two weeks before the summer heat hits. This is when lots of us are looking forward to being active outside. As people are gearing up for the TC5K, working on their golf swings and tennis serves, they may be reminded of some old injuries – or find a few new ones. Here are some tips on preventing injuries and how to do deal with them as you get back into the swing of things.


Some of the most common things we see in my office this time of year are strains and sprains. This occurs when someone takes a tight cold muscle, tendon, and/or ligament and asks it to perform an explosive task like accelerating the head of a golf club to 85mph. Slow down, Tiger Woods, warm up!

A light 5-10 minute warm up including stretching and light aerobic exercise will get blood pumping to the tissue that’s going to need it most, lubricate the joints, and elongating the muscles and tendons.


If your body has been dormant during the winter, pushing yourself too aggressively too soon can lead to injury. I typically see a lot of tendonitis in the feet, ankles and elbows, along with knee, hip, and shoulder pain in the spring time. These conditions stem from large increases in activity, some of which you may not even realize like gardening and yard work, cleaning out the attic, or moving furniture.

Running is probably the most common culprit. It’s not uncommon for me to hear that a patient who has never finished a 5k has signed up for a marathon and has injured themselves. Less experienced runners should follow the 10% rule. This rule states that you should limit the increase in your distance by 10% a week from your starting point. Your start point is whatever distance you feel like you can run comfortably with no training. If you can comfortably run 3 miles then your first week back to training you can work up to 3.3 miles, then 3.6, and so on.


Even if you follow these tips there is always still the chance of injury. So, what do you do once you have one?


In my 8+ years of clinical experience the answer is very clear. In almost all strain, sprain, and overuse injuries that we see, inflammation is the reason for the patient’s pain. For inflammation one of the best home care options is 15-20 min of cold therapy applied at least 2-3 times a day and as often as every 2 hours. Cold therapy is best done with a gel pack kept in the freezer, but an ice water soak can also be very effective. Heat while great at relaxing muscle spasms can also bring too much blood to an injured area making inflammation worse. I have seen herniated disc patients who made the situation substantially worse by sleeping with a heating pad, so when in doubt – ICE it.


Rest is an important factor in allowing your body to heal the way it should. However, rest is different than immobilization. You get a better recovery by utilizing gentle range of motion exercises as soon as you can verses completely immobilizing a joint.


We are lucky to live in a beautiful, active, and healthy city. There are fitness groups, trainers, doctors, and coaches for just about anything you are interested in so ask for help if you need it. If it’s your golf swing, tennis serves, or some general aches and pains giving your problems you might consider a visit to the chiropractor or some other sort of sports medicine provider. We can evaluate your posture, movement patterns, and muscle imbalances that may be at the root of those aches and pains that just don’t seem to go away with home care.

Lastly if you are experiencing sharp, intense, or point specific pain and you don’t know what it is we encourage you to seek help immediately and not to just try to treat it at home because it may be something more serious.

For more health notes, contact TexStar Chiropractic in Austin, TX.

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