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Automobile Injuries

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Car accidents are a common cause of injury to the spine and other parts of the Musculo-skeletal system. Often the injuries are obvious like the pain that comes from whiplash. Other times symptoms show up days or weeks after the accident in the form of headaches or back aches that were never there before.

Even in low speed accidents (less than 5 MPH) with little to no damage to the car permanent injury to your neck and spine can occur.

Our doctors in Austin and Buda are trained to evaluate your injuries and provide comprehensive care plans that will get you as close as possible back to your pre-accident condition. They will also coordinate your referrals to whatever other types of doctors may be needed to make sure that you get the care you need.

Our office staff can help you navigate some of the unique challenges that come with auto accidents, including explaining your insurance options to you and helping to guide you through the process of opening an insurance claim or talking to an attorney if necessary.


Whiplash, also known as "Cervical acceleration–deceleration" is the most common injury we see from car accidents. These injuries occur when a vehicle suddenly accelerates or decelerates like what happens when a stopped car is hit from behind by another vehicle or a moving car hits something that stops it quickly.

Generally, patients who have experienced whiplash develop neck stiffness and soreness accompanied by headaches, fatigue, jaw pain, and other associated disorders. This can be due to damage to the neck muscles, ligaments, nerves, and even the joints themselves.

Back Pain

Back pain after a car accident is very common and can range from a simple pulled muscle all the way up to a disc herniation or fracture. We see this a lot from the way a seatbelt restrains you but allows parts of your body to twist depending on how the accident occurred. Learn our approach to diagnose and treat back pain at both our Austin and Buda chiropractic clinics.


Headaches after an auto accident can come from concussions, hitting your head on something in the car, or the secondary effects of damage to your neck. Depending on the cause of your headaches we will either refer you to an appropriate specialist or address the underlying causes of your headaches. Learn how we diagnose and treat headaches at both our Austin and Buda chiropractic clinics.

Pain in the Arms or Legs

Often after a car accident, patients will experience pain or numbness and tingling in the arms or legs. In most cases this is due to injury of the nerves where they exit the spine. This is common and generally easily treated in our office with non-surgical techniques.