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No Surgery.
No Drugs.
No Injections.
Proven Results.

What’s the difference between a herniated disc
and a bulging disc?

They have different effects and symptoms associated with them

Limited Time Offer

$183 Start-Up Fee: Includes Exam, X-Rays, Report
and 2 Advanced Therapy Treatments*


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3 Secrets to Stop Low Back Pain

“So, if you suffer with back pain, you are not alone— 65 million others feel your pain!"

If you add just one of the tips from Dr. Henry, you will start to notice a difference. We’ve got your back.

Bonus: Get a home exercise guide for Low Back Pain


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Limited Time Offer

$183 Start-Up Fee: Includes Exam, X-Rays, Report and 2 Advanced Therapy Treatments*

What Makes Us Different?


We use advanced treatment options that provide fast relief, often after the very first treatment.


Our doctors promise we will not recommend treatment unless we are confident we can help you.


We use advanced treatment options that go beyond just treating the pain. We address the damaged tissues and the root causes of your condition to provide lasting relief.

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Limited Time Offer

$183 Start-Up Fee

Includes Exam, X-Rays, Report and 2 Advanced Therapy Treatments*

PRIVACY POLICY AND DISCLAIMERS: Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information. Exam and treatments provided by the doctors and staff of TexStar Chiropractic.

*The “Start-Up Fee” fee is based on a new patient exam charge of $115 plus one two view set of x-rays of one spinal region, if necessary, at $68. If you elect to use health insurance, the portion you pay may be lower than advertised. A report of findings is included in this exam charge. If our doctors feel that you do not need x-rays or x-rays of more than one body area are necessary, your cost may be different than that advertised. The two trial therapy treatment sessions are for diagnostic purposes only and are included as part of the exam fee, therefore they will not be billed as a separate service. The specific trial advanced therapy treatments offered will be determined by the doctor after your initial exam based on clinical indications and delivered on your first day.These prices are subject to change. All state and federal insurance and health care regulations and laws will be followed at all times by our clinic and staff.

*Due to federal law, Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal insurances may be excluded from this offer.

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