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Sandy S.

Spent weeks and months with shoulder neck pain. Assumed from stress and tension. Went to deep muscle massage 3 times....then to doctor, X-rays next step Chiropractor. My doctor recommended two - one of which I had used for back spasms and was not impressed. So Dr Henry was my choice. I have recommended him to everyone I know. I literally was unable to turn my neck around enough to back up my car. We began with 3 times a week, then twice a week, then once a week. Now - once a month just to stay in alignment. He suggested a home neck exercise which I do! I am 71 years old - some expected to "live" with some pain...Dr. Henry has proven that does not have to happen. I never have felt that his treatment was about seeing me as often as possible to "collect" a fee - on the other hand it was about being healthy as quickly as possible. Have been to one is better than Dr Henry & his staff.

Rick G.

I'm 60 years old and have had deteriorating discs for at least twenty years - so I've seen a lot of chiropractors. None have impressed me more than Dr. Henry. He's knowledgeable, and cares about his patients very much. He takes the time to explain things and doesn't try to "sell" you more than you need. His adjustments are the best I've had. He's intuitive and skillful and his office, TexStar Chiropractic is always a pleasure to visit. He and his friendly and caring staff always make the visit a pleasure. I leave happier, feeling better, and with a better understanding of how to care for my body.

Sarah M.

I started out going to Dr. Henry as a referral from a friend of mine. I had debilitating back issues that had brought me to previously seek help from acupuncturists, back specialists and massage. Nothing was helping me at all!! I was certain that I would not be able to have a normal life from one day to the next without having to deal with my back issues. When I started seeing Dr. Henry, he did my first adjustment ever (which I was petrified of, by the way) and the relief brought tears to my eyes!! It had been so long that I had been dealing with the ongoing pain that I forgot what it could feel like to be pain free!! Dr. Henry was very patient with me and helped to ease my fears. Now, I cannot wait to go and see him!! Kim is also amazing at the front desk. I love her text message reminders of appointments!!

Russell C.

Dr. Henry is a committed doctor of chiropractic who is invested in long-term health for his patients. His practice is one of the few in the area which offers cold laser therapy. It has significantly improved knee pain. What is very impressive is how Dr. Henry understands that "if you rest you rust" and how he so ably helped me with pain issues even while enrolled in a strenuous exercise program. He is honest and thorough and I think he knows a great deal about medicine.

Sara W.

Dr. Henry and [his staff] treat us like family. He is a wonderful Dr., and the only chiropractor I've gone to that hasn't hurt me. I really trust Dr. Henry. I have TMJ, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and a pinched nerve in my back. If it weren't for TexStar, I would be in bed most every day in pain. Great place to go to for pain relief.

Jordan S.

I went to Dr. Henry with some severe neck pain. He educated me on what the major issues were, and discussed a plan to fix the immediate pain and to prevent it from coming back. The severe pain was eased after the first one or two visits, and he gave me some neck exercises to help the adjustments stay in place. I haven’t had any more issues since. Highly recommended!”

Blair N.

“I’ve been going to the chiropractor since I can remember; it’s just been about keeping a healthy check and balance system with my body. I’ve been going to the same doctor for 15+ years, and just recently decided to branch out and went to TexStar. Dr. Henry was amazing – he gave me more information in one sitting, than I had had in a while from the chiropractor I’ve seen since I was a teenager. I was really appreciative of his thoroughness and I felt incredibly comfortable. Definitely go see Dr. Henry!”

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