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Dori B. -TexStar Austin

Dr Tran is awesome! I wouldn't hesitate to send him a friend. I trust him with my entire family.

Francisco A. -TexStar Buda

I always feel so much better after my visit to Tex-Star.Chiropractic. It’s an essential part of my health and I appreciate my Care Team! Thanks so much for your efforts to keep me going!

Robert B. -TexStar Austin

I began seeing Dr. Tran a few weeks ago following a very painful tingling in both my hands. The entire staff at Texstar Chiropractic is warm, friendly and go above and beyond to accommodate your needs and always make you feel like you are their #1 priority. As far as my care, the treatment plan that Dr. Tran has me on, has been nothing short of amazing. While there is still much to be done, I have been able to sleep and function pain free for an entire week so far. Thank you to the entire TEXSTAR family! Quality of life is truly priceless.

Paul R. -TexStar Buda

Great staff and results. The adjustments on my feet and legs are like no others I have had before. Pain free in a few visits.

Ray G. -TexStar Buda

TexStar has been a pleasure to work with on my recovery. Dr. Woods, Mariah and Maureen have been wonderful. Keep up the great work!

Kerisa M. -TexStar Buda

TexStar Chiropractic is a great Chiropractic care facility! Dr. Henry and his staff have my back and body feeling almost new again. How wonderful!! Don't delay treatment on your back. Call and schedule an appointment. They will take the best of care with whatever ails you.

Robin W. -TexStar Buda

I just started using TexStar Chiropractic in Buda, Dr.Ryan and the whole staff has been wonderful to work with. I went in with neck stiffness and headaches. The headaches were remedied immediately. I am following up with the neck stiffness and slowly finding relief. I have had a stiff neck for years. I am happy to finally have some relief.

DeDe L. -TexStar Buda

I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! I sustained a neck injury at work on Monday. Tuesday - Thursday I was in tears each night due to the pain! Finally I had to do something about it. I called TexStar Chiropractic on Thursday evening and was so thankful they could get me in the next morning for an appointment! They emailed me the paperwork so I could fill it out beforehand which was great! The staff was super friendly! I have been seeing Dr. Ryan Woods at his former practice for 3 years and followed him here to his new practice. He is a wonderful chiropractor because he LISTENS to me and I can't tell you what a difference that makes. I often find when talking to medical professionals they are not truly listening but that is not the case with Dr. Woods he is wonderful! One thing I really liked was all of the different therapies and technology that they had available. They used cryotherapy on my neck, as well as a few other things that I can't remember what they are called. This is definitely a progressive practice and I really appreciate that. I am feeling so much better this evening and I have a follow up appointment in one week to continue my therapy. I am looking forward to being 100% back to normal very soon!

Brandi B. -TexStar Buda

This place has quickly become my second home and extended family. Dr. Henry, Dr. Woods, Maureen and Mariah are wonderful at making you feel comfortable and right at home. I have seen tremendous progress with my migraines and posture since being treated here and I can't thank them enough. Very professional staff. I highly recommend them!

Aj S. -TexStar Buda

Texstar Chiropractor by far has the best staff! They are the sweetest people and they work with you and help you understand everything! Since i’ve started my treatment with them i have noticed drastic changes for the better! I absolutely love it here and 10 out of 10 recommend!

Rachel B. -TexStar Austin

I can’t express strongly enough how much of a Godsend this place has been for me since I first started experiencing back issues. From the moment it was diagnosed that I had a herniated disc, I was able to immediately get in and begin treating the spine as well as managing the pain. Eventually they were able to begin a physical therapy regimen and now I continue to go back for preventative alignment when I need to. I’ve always enjoyed how open and calming the environment is, not at all clinical. But I think one of the most important aspects to the healing they bring is their fantastic team. I can honestly say I love jovial Kim and kind, attentive Dr. Tran. Don’t forget the head honcho himself; considerate and fantastically knowledgeable Dr. Henry, as well as the myriad of other AMAZING individuals that assist the patients at Tex Star. Dr. Henry really has a knack for finding the best team. You’d be amiss if you went anywhere else.

Hollis R. -TexStar Buda

I always enjoy coming here. The staff is so welcoming and treats me like family! Always feel like a million dollars when I walk out of the office! Wouldn't go anywhere else. This place is my lifelong chiropractor!

Chelsea S. -TexStar Austin

I recently was referred to this office after being in an automobile accident. I have injuries to my neck and lower back. I’ve only been going for a couple weeks, but can feel the world of a difference! I’m so thankful I sought out TexStar Chiropractor for my treatment! From the first phone call till now each person I’ve talked to and met is so warm and welcoming, I feel very comfortable and at home. 100% would refer this office to anyone seeking out this type of treatment!

Deb A. -TexStar Austin

Fix me when I'm hurting, staff is the best, easy appointments, great location!

Jette L. -TexStar Buda

The staff and equipment are truly exceptional! I have been to numerous chiropractic offices throughout the country and this office has been the most thorough and caring of all. I cannot recommend TexStar and its amazing staff enough!

Amy G. -TexStar Buda

Dr. Henry, Dr. Woods, Maureen, and Mariah are all amazingggggg. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you are in good hands. They are very accommodating, kind, and the treatments are personalized. Before starting at TexStar I had been to every specialist you could imagine with no positive results, only more problems. Dr. Henry and Dr. Woods not only gave me hope, but they gave me results beyond my expectations. Thank you, TexStar!

Brittany B. -TexStar Buda

These people are super friendly and welcoming. Willing to answer all your questions to help whatever you problem you come in with. Very glad a friend referred me to come out!

Kathy B. -TexStar Austin

Great Chiropracters and staff! Wonderful people.

Arnold S. -TexStar Austin

The doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff is super friendly.

Lance S. -TexStar Buda

Exceptional work and friendly staff!

Victoria D. -TexStar Austin

The staff is so friendly and try to make you start feeling better ASAP. I was able to stand and walk better with just the first session!

Kory E. -TexStar Buda

Great staff! Highly recommend the office! They develop a great plan for you and the office has much equipment to assist with physical therapies.

Erin H. -TexStar Buda

I’ve had a wonderful experience. Super friendly staff, with a wealth of information. Plus, I’m feeling much better!

Connie F. -TexStar Austin

Outstanding experience. Maureen goes above and beyond in customer service. It has a “family-like” hospitality. Dr. Henry was very easy to talk with and did an excellent job of listening to my needs and explaining each step of the plan to get me back to feeling my best. The improvement in my mobility is amazing. No more pain!

Teresa C. -TexStar Buda

Dr. Henry is very knowledgeable and caring. He goes above and beyond for his patients! Maureen is super sweet and makes every visit enjoyable. I highly recommend!

Trey K. -TexStar Austin

This office is the best. They are all super friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They have kept me healthy and pain free.

Rosie M. -TexStar Buda

A full service chiropractic clinic, excellent customer service from everyone. The doctors are sincere and competent. The best customer service. It is with great confidence you will receive the healing you need.

Carmen A. -TexStar Austin

First time ever under a chiropractor care and I love it!...Awesome staff!! Greatly recommended!!!

Cody W. -TexStar Austin

Absolutely amazing doctor! He fixed my back problems in no time!

S. Knes. -TexStar Buda

I have been a patient of TexStar Chiropractic for at least a year. The doctors and the entire support staff are great. They truly care about the health and well-being of their patients. Now at two locations

AJ C. -TexStar Buda

Dr Henry and his staff are awesome! They are very friendly and professional. Dr Henry addressed all my needs and concerns. The staff was great about appointment reminders and scheduling.

Darren K. -TexStar Buda

They did an amazing job helping my golf swing get back into shape. I now have full range of motion. Thanks, TexStar!

Melissa B.-TexStar Austin

Everyone in the office is amazing. They are so helpful and will work with anyone's schedule to help you get the best care. I'm so thankful that I got to meet Dr. Henry and took his advice and come see him and that was the best decision.

Lance S. -TexStar Austin

I highly recommend TexStar Chiropractic to anyone looking for a team of professionals that truly care about their patients. Its team doesn’t just provide a quick fix, they work closely with you to create an individualized plan that will help you get back to doing what you love. With TexStar Chiropractic, you can rest-assured knowing you’re in fantastic hands!

Barbara R.-TexStar Austin

I have never encountered kinder persons in any facility of any kind anywhere. Also, my examination and treatment plan represented a thorough, experienced approach that was explained to me in detail. I am in good hands!

Sandy S.

Spent weeks and months with shoulder neck pain. Assumed from stress and tension. Went to deep muscle massage 3 times....then to doctor, X-rays next step Chiropractor. My doctor recommended two - one of which I had used for back spasms and was not impressed. So Dr Henry was my choice. I have recommended him to everyone I know. I literally was unable to turn my neck around enough to back up my car. We began with 3 times a week, then twice a week, then once a week. Now - once a month just to stay in alignment. He suggested a home neck exercise which I do! I am 71 years old - some expected to "live" with some pain...Dr. Henry has proven that does not have to happen. I never have felt that his treatment was about seeing me as often as possible to "collect" a fee - on the other hand it was about being healthy as quickly as possible. Have been to one is better than Dr Henry & his staff.

Rick G.

I'm 60 years old and have had deteriorating discs for at least twenty years - so I've seen a lot of chiropractors. None have impressed me more than Dr. Henry. He's knowledgeable, and cares about his patients very much. He takes the time to explain things and doesn't try to "sell" you more than you need. His adjustments are the best I've had. He's intuitive and skillful and his office, TexStar Chiropractic is always a pleasure to visit. He and his friendly and caring staff always make the visit a pleasure. I leave happier, feeling better, and with a better understanding of how to care for my body.

Sarah M.

I started out going to Dr. Henry as a referral from a friend of mine. I had debilitating back issues that had brought me to previously seek help from acupuncturists, back specialists and massage. Nothing was helping me at all!! I was certain that I would not be able to have a normal life from one day to the next without having to deal with my back issues. When I started seeing Dr. Henry, he did my first adjustment ever (which I was petrified of, by the way) and the relief brought tears to my eyes!! It had been so long that I had been dealing with the ongoing pain that I forgot what it could feel like to be pain free!! Dr. Henry was very patient with me and helped to ease my fears. Now, I cannot wait to go and see him!! Kim is also amazing at the front desk. I love her text message reminders of appointments!!

Russell C.

Dr. Henry is a committed doctor of chiropractic who is invested in long-term health for his patients. His practice is one of the few in the area which offers cold laser therapy. It has significantly improved knee pain. What is very impressive is how Dr. Henry understands that "if you rest you rust" and how he so ably helped me with pain issues even while enrolled in a strenuous exercise program. He is honest and thorough and I think he knows a great deal about medicine.

Sara W.

Dr. Henry and [his staff] treat us like family. He is a wonderful Dr., and the only chiropractor I've gone to that hasn't hurt me. I really trust Dr. Henry. I have TMJ, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and a pinched nerve in my back. If it weren't for TexStar, I would be in bed most every day in pain. Great place to go to for pain relief.

Jordan S.

I went to Dr. Henry with some severe neck pain. He educated me on what the major issues were, and discussed a plan to fix the immediate pain and to prevent it from coming back. The severe pain was eased after the first one or two visits, and he gave me some neck exercises to help the adjustments stay in place. I haven’t had any more issues since. Highly recommended!”

Blair N.

“I’ve been going to the chiropractor since I can remember; it’s just been about keeping a healthy check and balance system with my body. I’ve been going to the same doctor for 15+ years, and just recently decided to branch out and went to TexStar. Dr. Henry was amazing – he gave me more information in one sitting, than I had had in a while from the chiropractor I’ve seen since I was a teenager. I was really appreciative of his thoroughness and I felt incredibly comfortable. Definitely go see Dr. Henry!”

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