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Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Review

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Hi my name is John Zara, I've been coming TexStar Chiropractor for about the last two and a half months, stemming from a car accident where I was rounded by an eighteen-wheeler. I had some left rotator cuff injury, back injury, and then a hyper-extended right thumb. And there are several things that they have in this office that makes it stand out. One, they do have laser therapy which helped quite a bit with the hyper-extended right thumb, it helps speed up the healing of the ligaments. The other therapy they have here that you don't typically see at other chiropractic offices is traction, where the spine is elongated just a little bit, and that helps quite a bit with a low back pain. The other thing they have here is that you don't typically see other places, it's a very extensive physical therapy. And the physical therapy exercises help quite a bit a low back pain as well. As far as the left rotator cuff goes, they did some laser therapy on that which has helped quite a bit. And I think the main advantage the TexStar Chiropractic has over other offices, the chiropractor did have a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from University of Texas at Austin, which I feel was a very good background prior to going into Chiropractic Medicine. But I think about 90-95 percent of my ailments are gone in about two and a half months, and I really attributed to other therapies besides just a simple manipulation of the neck, and spine, and low back, which is really all that's offered in most other chiropractic offices.

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