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Hi my name is Diane, and I have been coming to the clinic here since about August. And I have really noticed a change in my body. I was having knee problems, my knee felt like it was, something really bad was wrong with it and it was very stiff. And now my knee is very limber and I can't even tell the difference between the two knees, so I really feel that my knee has straightened out. My lower back is doing great, the pain has gone, as well as my neck. So I really feel that I have benefited from going through this process. I enjoy coming to the office, everyone is very friendly and very helpful, and really take their time. So it's a really great place to come and I'll highly recommend anyone who's having issues with any of their joints or knees or neck or back or anything, coming in and seeing Dr. Henry and Dr. Tran and being assessed to see if there is something better that can be done for them. Because there is, there are things that can be done.

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