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Hi I'm Jamie. I'm Jennifer. So, I was having a lot of pain I know from having three kids and nursing and picking them up and I had a lot of pain in my upper shoulders and really no mobility. So, I came in here to get checked out and it turned out that I had really put a lot of strain and let it go for a very long time. But then the doctor got me all set up with adjustments and therapy and movement and I've had almost no pain since I've started coming here in the last few weeks. And I'm just so happy. It's such a quality of life difference. So, she was telling me about how much this was making her feel better and how her pain was starting to go away and then all of a sudden I started to have one of my very normal sciatica attacks. I guess from having a baby and it didn't go away and I thought, okay, I've gotta do this. So she said, come in and get checked out. So I did, and come to find out, I have some bulging in the L4 and L5 and they've got me with all these different therapies and we did the cold laser therapy and adjustments and with doing all of that, that pain is gone and in doing that I actually got to solve the pain. that was caused from an old injury years ago that all of a sudden started flaring up again. So that is all good. I don't feel any pain and it's been really amazing to be able to be in the kitchen and bake and not hurt after baking. We want to thank TexStar Chiropractic so much. Yes, thank you!

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