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Lower Back Chiropractic Treatment Testimonial

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When I first came in, it felt like my pelvis was locked up in the bottom. So, it was very uncomfortable. I'm feeling much better now. I don't think about my back. Before, my back was always a regular part of my thoughts because it was know, in mild pain or moderate pain to some degree and now it doesn't even, it doesn't even come up unless I'm noticing like wow like I have been pain free for x amount of time you know and really helps, has helped my overall well-being.

Just being able to go about my business and do my day. So good, very good. My experience has been... It's been a really wonderful. I was a little apprehensive at first because I was going to be experiencing many new treatment methods that I hadn't encountered before. Prior to beginning my treatment here, I was just going to like an in-and-out place; just getting adjustments and just quick in and out. And they were good you know and it would be okay for a couple of days but then I would have to go right back. And so that I knew that had to change in order for me to be able to have longer periods of feeling good. So coming here and having the different techniques that are used was...I was excited about it but also a little nervous. But none of them were beyond me, you know some of them I definitely had to kind of work up to but I learned a lot about my body and kind of what it needs in order to be able to stay in position and feel better. So, but the staff has been nothing but kind they text me reminders and have been very flexible with me as well so overall I'm going to keep coming here.

My recommendation would be to not wait because I did wait you know, I always knew like I need to go to a place that's going to actually take the x-rays and figure out what's really going on rather than just kind of putting a band-aid on it. So, I waited till a little bit later you know because I was dealing with it for many years so I would say as soon as you see the first signs of it and it becomes a routine part of your thoughts and your day then take the action and I see it as an investment in my future because if I have a better all frame of mind then I'm going to be able to accomplish more that I want to be, you know small like enjoyment type activities throughout the day or you know reaching different goals. Me personally, if I'm constantly thinking about my body not feeling great then it's not going to be as likely for me to be able to have an overall happy well-being. So my...I guess my piece would be to come here and talk to them and get the consultation and see what's going on with your body and then see, you know kind of go from there and then just get to the other side of it and I feel so much better.

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