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The problem with traditional approaches to spine and joint pain

There is a huge gap in our healthcare system for people with spine and joint problems. These people are usually offered drugs to mask the symptoms, or a few weeks of very basic physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, and when those approaches fail, they are sent for surgery or injections. This is because most doctors don't know that there is a better way.

What is the “TexStar Complete Care Approach?”

At TexStar we solve this problem by providing our patients a thorough evaluation that goes beyond just identifying the immediate source of the symptoms, but also finding the underlying issues that caused the problem. We then develop a customized treatment plan using some of the most effective technology and treatment protocols available, to get you out of pain fast and correct the underlying issues. Using this approach, we have been able to help over 95% of our patients get lasting results and stay out of surgery.

We call this the TexStar Complete Care Approach.

For the few that do end up needing surgery, we have relationships with a fantastic network of physicians that we trust to take the best care of our patients.

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