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What is Intersegmental Tractional Therapy?

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Intersegmental traction therapy is one of several therapy options that can be employed to treat neck and back pain, soreness, and/or stiffness.  This therapy is all about increasing range of motion between each of the vertebrae while simultaneously enhancing the body’s ability to disperse key nutrients throughout the area.

How Does Intersegmental Tractional Therapy Work?

This therapy involves a highly specialized treatment table designed solely for this chiropractic therapy.  In the video here, Dr. Woods describes how specialized rollers manipulate all vertebrae, starting at the neck and ending at the end of the spine.

Which Conditions Respond Well to Intersegmental Tractional Therapy Work?

  • Stiff or sore neck
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Reduced pain in the back and/or neck
  • Reduced stiffness in the back and/or neck
  • Increased range of motion between each vertebra
  • Increased spinal nutritional health 
  • Increased joint function

What Can I Expect During a Treatment?

A typical session is 5 to 10 minutes depending on the patient’s condition and need. You will lay flat on your back. Our therapist will position the roller at the base of your neck and then energize the table. The roller will systematically traverse the entire length of your spine in a slow and gentle manner.

What Can I Expect After the Treatment?

Most patients realize measurable decrease in pain and stiffness after the very first treatment.