Spot Cryotherapy

Relieve Pain Quickly with Cryotherapy

At TexStar, we’re always staying up to date with the latest technologies and advanced treatments in order to restore you back to optimal health. If you’ve suffered from sprains, strains, deep tissue injuries, epicondylitis, tendinopathies, muscular accidents, or other joint problems—we’ve seen many patients receive almost instant pain relief with spot cryotherapy. Whether you’re an athlete or suffering from abnormal pain that doesn’t seem to be healing, spot cryotherapy is a convenient option to accelerate the process.

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How Spot Cryotherapy Works

Spot cryotherapy uses liquid CO2, dropping the temperature of your skin in a specified area to 4 degrees celsius in 30 seconds. This stimulates the skin receptors, sending a very fast message to the brain to increase blood flow in that area. The targeted freezing temperature reduces pain and stimulates white blood cells to optimize healing. This treatment is proven to lower inflammation at the cellular level, reducing pain and keeping white blood cells working to accelerate healing. 

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