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How to Use Car Insurance for Chiropractic Care When You Get Hurt in a Wreck

- Monday, November 16, 2020

Greetings all, and today, especially to anyone who may be suffering from an auto accident injury. Here’s some great news from your friends here at Austin’s TexStar Chiropractic! Whether you were at fault or not, chiropractic treatment for your auto accident-related pain is as easy as a phone call to your Austin-based chiropractic care team here at TexStar Chiropractic. In this video, Dr. Henry and Kim, our Patient Services Director, discuss everything you need to know to secure chiropractic treatment from either your or the at-fault party’s insurance coverage.

Dr. Henry: Hello. I'm here with Kim from TexStar Chiropractic. She is our Patient Services Director with some good information for you today. So, Kim's going to help fill us in and answer some questions about, "What you do after a car accident”? Kim, tell me when a person calls from a car accident, what's the first question they generally have?

Kim: Well they generally are concerned about getting in and being seen and how the financial part of it works. I always like to reiterate the most important thing is just to get scheduled, to be seen, and find out what your condition is. Then we'll know how to help you.

Dr. Henry: Great. One of the things that I run into is a lot of patients are curious about how their auto insurance works. Now if you hit somebody else in an accident but you're still hurt, what options do you have to use your insurance? K

Kim: A lot of people do not realize that most everyone has what's considered Personal Injury Protection coverage on your own auto insurance. You pay for this every month. You should be able to take advantage of that. You have been paying premiums every month, so you just make a phone call to your car insurance. Open a Personal Injury Protection claim, also known as PIP, and it will take care of your treatment expenses that happened for your conditions for the accident.

Dr. Henry: Does that affect your insurance rates?

Kim: No. By Texas law, your rates cannot increase based on a claim of that nature. So, they are not allowed to do that.

Dr. Henry: What if you've been in an auto accident where someone hits you? Then, what are your options?

Kim: You know, again, this is an opportunity for you to utilize something you have been paying for. So, what is going to happen is that third-party insurance, which is the insurance company of the person that hit you, they are going to delay payment for months, so it is very difficult to get care until that money comes in. So, you can then do the same thing we just said, which is open your own personal injury protection claim and that way your insurance will pay until that third party pays.

Dr. Henry: So, you can use your own insurance to get started with care and then when you need to, the third-party insurance can take care of whatever is left?

Kim: Yes

Dr. Henry: Great. Now, what if I got hit and it looks like that it may be a more complicated situation. When do attorneys get involved in these kinds of situations?

Kim: You know, having a conversation with an attorney is something that typically makes sense. So many attorneys are very personable and easy to talk. They are available for complimentary conversations to help determine if getting an attorney or having an attorney for your case makes sense or not. Sometimes you just do not know until you have a conversation and we do recommend you have those conversations with attorneys.

Dr. Henry: Great. Well, if you had to give us your biggest takeaways for auto injuries from car accidents, what would you tell the patient?

Kim: Be sure and take care of yourself. Make the calls and come in to see us. We'll walk you through all the steps. If a friend of yours has been in an accident, have them call us too. We are here to help you. We have lots of experience with it. So, you really deserve to take care of your body that is what we recommend.

Dr. Henry: Great. Thanks, so much Kim. If you are suffering from auto accident-related pain, do not go untreated for another single day. TexStar is there to help you sort out all the insurance processes and ensure you get qualified treatment, treatment that you pay for monthly via your auto insurance premiums.

Give us a call, today! It is past time to treat that pain!

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