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Treat Back and Neck Pain with Spinal Manipulation at Austin, TX Chiropractor

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Henry from Texstar Chiropractic Clinic. I wanted to talk to you for just a couple of minutes about something called Spinal Manipulation. You've probably heard the term that, or adjustments, or I'm gonna go get my back cracked. Well, that's what we're talking about. Chiropractors in the U.S. have been using spinal manipulation for over a hundred years to address aches, pains, and other health issues of their patients. But the art of adjusting has been around for much much longer than that. There're references to it in ancient texts from Europe and Asia. There're even some Greek texts that reference it.

Adjustments are what chiropractors do to address the biomechanical issues of their spine. It's really one of the main tools we used to correct a lot of the problems in your spine. While we have a lot of newer techniques, this one has been around for a long time because it works. By getting the joints moving properly in your spine, we can help relieve your back pain and other signs of symptoms caused by nerve problems. Whereas, when the spines not functioning properly it can cause inflammation and irritation. That's one of the biggest things that we see with back pain.

This treatment's very safe and effective. There's lots of studies out there comparing it to the other treatment options for similar kinds of problems, and it's one of the most effective and safest options out there. The best thing is it only takes a few minutes and it's quite a bit easier than drugs and surgery. In fact according to one study 95% of people who have been in to see a chiropractor in the last year considered the treatment very effective. Even the American Medical Association has recently recommended use of spinal manipulation as a first line of defense for things like acute low back pain as opposed to going straight to opioids and other kinds of medications that we have lots of problems with right now.

It's a common misconception that adjustments are uncomfortable or that they might hurt or they even think they require you hearing that popping sound that some people don't like. While a typical adjustment does produce that popping sound, there are lots of other ways that we can adjust your spine to help correct problems. These include things like using adjusting tools, like this one, this is called an Activator. We do some soft tissue stretching immobilization around joints and even specialized tables so it uses your own body weight to help move certain joints in your lower back. We really cater our treatment to each individual patient to make sure that if we're going to use spinal manipulation, we're going to use it in the best the most effective way possible.

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