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Cold Laser Therapy - Austin, TX - Texstar Chiropractic

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Cold laser therapy is probably the most transformative modality to come down the medical pathway for the last 50 years. – Richard Jacoby, D.P.M. 

Ninety percent of our patients are achieving almost 90% relief of their symptoms which is unheard of. – Ronald Lederman, M.D. 

It is going to revolutionize the way patients are taken care of. – Henry Madalian, D.C. 

It has changed our practice in the ability to offer these types of treatments and the confidence I have in saying "I can help you." – Paul Ledezma, D.P.M. 

You see someone that has such debilitating pain in their shoulder, their knee, or their back and in 1 or 2 treatments, they are 80% to 90% better. – Mark Kwartowitz, D.O. 

What we are seeing in the practice both acute and chronic is just amazing. – Karl Lickteig, D.C. 

I think this is frankly the edge of a tidal wave. I think you are going to see within the next 5 years is a significant shift in medicine towards utilization of this type of therapy for patients across the board, across specialties. – Tracy Basso, D.P.M. 

It is always better to be able to treat patients faster. You know, get the results in the shortest amount of time possible, with the latest and the best technology. – Jean Santo, M.D. 

That technology is MLS Laser Therapy from Cutting Edge laser technologies. Doctors across various specialties have been amazed by its ability to accelerate healing and alleviate pain. 

I put myself under this laser the day after we got it. I did my shoulder and my knee, and that night I realized that I have no pain on my shoulder or knee after one treatment. It works. – Ronald Lederman, M.D. 

How it works is by employing two synchronized wavelengths of light which transfer energy to damaged tissues at the cellular level. 

That light triggers metabolic reactions in the cell that stimulate healing, stimulate reduced inflammation, and stimulate pain reduction. – Jean Santo, M.D. 

So we can get a dual treatment approach if you will with both inflammation and pain reduction. It is unmatched. I have used other systems before and have never got any effect that I have with the MLS System. – Karl Lickteig, D.C. 

MLS laser therapy is the result of 30 years of research and was initially used by veterinarians in the United States with uniformly outstanding results. That lead to a series of academic studies focusing on human applications. 

The MLS laser therapy has been well-validated through a variety of clinical trials in some of the most world-renowned institutions world-wide. So we brought the technology to the market based on the clinical validation of the science behind it. – Mark Mollenkopf 

After going through the different scientific studies, a lot of them are from Harvard, I was intrigued by the impact this light energy has on the cells. And to be able to decrease the inflammation pathway and the swelling at the cellular level, it makes sense that you thereby decrease the pain. – Ronald Lederman, M.D. 

For patients across America, MLS cold laser therapy in Austin, TX has meant relief from often intractable pain without medication, without surgery. 

I am getting amazing results and I cannot wait to send other people in here to get the same benefits from it. 

Even throwing a football, I can throw a football a lot better now than I could three years ago. 

I am so excited and I told everybody about it. 

Even now, after several months, I have no pain in my knee. It was like a mega-dose of Advil and ice, invisible, and it was just amazing. 

It was the second treatment and I walked out of here and I already knew that something was different, and them I called him back up and I said thanks a lot. I think there maybe something to this. 

The primary MLS laser therapy unit has a touch screen menu that allows doctors or staff to easily select the treatment. The robotic test does the rest. There is also a separate hand-held probe that is preferable for some treatments including trigger points. 

Actually, we have two lasers in one. We can utilize the hand-held units in any smaller joints. I have used it on TMJ and it works absolutely great. - Henry Madalian, D.C. 

Shoulders, feet, hands, wrists, things like that. The trigger point probe is more effective. - Kristen Clark 

Edge MLS laser is often described as nothing short of revolutionary. 

It is achieving results that have never been achieved before in treatment times that are shorter than have ever been expected before. So that is really why we view this as revolutionary. – Mark Mollenkopf 

It has revolutionized our practice in that I can sit there and not feel like a failure as a physician. Offer them something that has no downside and these people are getting better. So every day I come to work, I feel like I have my ace in the hole. – Ronald Lederman, M.D. 

To find out more about the benefits of cold laser therapy, contact TexStar Chiropractic.

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