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How to Choose Your Chiropractor in Austin Texas

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 27, 2017

Our professional team here at our south Austin Chiropractic care clinic and our chiropractic care colleagues across Austin (and beyond) share a unique professional bond. This bond is one that prioritizes healing others above all other business objectives. We eagerly consult and share information with our colleagues (proprietors in other business segments might use the word “competitor”) when we feel our discovery could benefit our colleagues and the people they treat. Such selfless commitment to patient healing is just one reason why 95% of chiropractic users testify that chiropractic treatment delivers transformational improvement to quality of life!

So, how do you go about choosing (and trusting) your Austin-area chiropractor. Of course, first hand-referral from friends and relatives is singularity the best source. If direct friend or relative referral is unavailable, then seek and really listen to the chiropractic testimonials of others. Also, look for chiropractic teams who seek to educate on all facets of chiropractic care. Those are the care teams carrying YOUR best interest at heart.

Today we’d like to share the work of a colleague (Steven Silverman, D.C., M.S.) who offers incredibly valuable insights into the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements. Dr. Silverman is one of the aforementioned selfless chiropractic practitioners who offer his work for us to fully and freely reproduce here in the interest of educating our patients. So with thanks in advance to Dr. Silverman, enjoy the following read and strongly consider his findings and recommendations.

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