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Introducing our “Knee-on-Trac” Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 13, 2020

Hello Again

This is the second (of a four-part series) introducing The Austin Knee Clinic, a specialty sub-section of TexStar Chiropractic which specializes in treating chronic and new knee pain. Dr. Tran recorded a short video that introduces one of our great therapy options for degenerative and arthritic knees called the “Knee on Trac” therapy system. This therapy is designed to increase range of motion, bring more lubricating fluid into the joint, and decrease pain associated with chronic knee pain.

We know there are people out there with significant misinformation about what treatment options they have. While arthritis is generally considered an incurable disease, there are treatments (like Dr. Tran just discussed) with the potential to deliver significant pain control. If you have a specific question regarding “Knee on Track”, or our approach to treating knee conditions in general, contact us anytime!

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