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A Video Tour Inside Our Austin TX Chiro Clinic

Darren Kincaid - Monday, April 16, 2018

Hi. We produced this video to provide our audience with a concise description of our Austin Texas Chiropractic clinic, what we do, and how we operate. The video takes you inside our clinic, shares images of our staff, and briefly describes the types of chiropractic treatment services offered here at our south Austin clinic. We hope you enjoy it. Here's the transcript of the video.

When your neck or back hurts it's natural to just want relief but did you know that your back or neck pain could be a sign of a serious spine condition? Lasting relief requires an accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem and specialized treatment.

At Austin Texas' TexStar Chiropractic we provide conservative non-surgical spine care and we collaborate with medical specialists to give you the benefit of chiropractic and medical care combined. We offer a free consultation so you can meet our staff and discuss your condition with one of our doctors without cost or obligation. Next we will conduct a detailed examination and make sure that your spine problem is properly diagnosed and design a personalized care plan to get you fast relief.

Your plan might include high-level services like the patented MLS laser or spinaldecompression. If collaboration with a medical specialist is appropriate, we can make sure that you're seen promptly and conveniently. We'll explain everything to you in detail and answer all your questions before you start treatments.

Why wait or suffer any longer. You can stop living with pain and limitations pick up the phone and call our office or fill out the form on our website to schedule your free consultation. Take that first step right now!

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